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Learning Opportunities

Each year, more information, tools and other resources about fall prevention becomes available due to continuing research on this important issue. We encourage you to consult the following sections to learn more about the different potential learning opportunities that are available either in-person or online.


Remember, we all have a role to play to help ensure that screenings, assessments and interventions to address fall risk factors in older patients occurs based on best available evidence for clinical practice

Fall Prevention Community of Practice (LOOP)


The Fall Prevention Community of Practice was created to support the exchange information on how to create supportive communities where adults maintain their independence through fall prevention.

Loop is the bilingual online communication platform that brings together members from across Canada to problem-solve and discuss how to implement evidence-informed and promising fall prevention practices. By registering with the Fall Prevention Community of Practice, you will have access to upcoming webinars, e-newsletters and the knowledge center.


For more information or to register for a membership, please click on the following link.

National Fall Prevention Conference

Known as Canada's leading fall prevention conference, this event features an agenda that showcases the latest information and research in fall and injury prevention among older adults. It provides a chance hear national and international experts and learn from the experiences of successful programs from across the country.

This conference is also an exceptional learning and network opportunity for those who work with older adults in all settings, including practitioners, researchers and policy makers in the field of seniors’ health and injury prevention. 

For more information about the upcoming 5th Canadian Falls Prevention Conference 2020, please click on the following link.



Additional Resources




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