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Virtual Trek Around New Brunswick 


Get ready for Falls Prevention Month! Finding Balance NB, in collaboration with the NB Trauma Program, will be launching a campaign this November to bring awareness to injury prevention initiatives for seniors, and support initiatives to promote falls prevention in the community.

The focus of this year’s campaign will be #KeepActive! Together, we can empower seniors to reduce their risk of falling by keeping active. Did you know that falls account for approximately 85% of injury related hospitalizations in seniors? Furthermore, NB has one of the highest proportion of senior population across the country. It is important to take the necessary steps to encourage New Brunswickers to keep active and prevent falls.

Studies have demonstrated that participation in physical activity can help to reduce the risk of injuries related to falls among seniors. In order to promote this way of preventing falls, Finding Balance NB will be piloting an exciting new initiative called the Virtual Trek around New Brunswick within select municipalities. However, we also encourage you to participate regardless of where you live. To participate in the Virtual Trek, pick your favorite physical activities, download your copy of the Trek Passport, and get moving! Every time you get physically active, record the number of steps taken, or convert your daily amount of activity into steps in your passport. At the end of the month, we encourage you to mail your passport to us! Together, we can see how many steps New Brunswick Seniors have taken throughout Falls Prevention Month!


Want to get involved? We also encourage you to follow Finding Balance NB on Facebook! Here, we will be posting regular updates and sharing photos of community members participating on their Virtual Trek! Tag us in your photos to be featured!

To print a copy of the Virtual Trek passport, simply click on this link and select the option of printing the document on both sides of the paper with flip pages on the short edge.

To send in your Virtual Trek passport, feel free to mail it to:

NB Trauma Program

400 University Avenue

PO Box 2100 Saint John, NB 

E2L 4L2

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