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Exercise-Based Fall Prevention Programs

Exercise-based fall prevention programs have been shown to reduce both the rate and risk for falling whether they were completed at home or in a group setting. Studies show that such programs can reduce falls resulting in fracture by 61% in addition to helping to reduce falls resulting in the need for medical care by 43%. (Please consult the scientific article below for more information).

With guidance from experienced healthcare professionals, well-designed exercise-based fall prevention programs establish appropriate types and doses of exercise to use with vulnerable participants at higher risk of fall-related injuries. To provide an opportunity for participants to learn about additional fall prevention measures, such programs also include the delivery of informative presentations and handouts as a part of each session.

To help identify recommended programs, Trauma NB's Safe Sport, Recreation and Exercise Task Force is in the process of reviewing community programs within New Brunswick who want to be recognized as exercise-based fall prevention programs to ensure that each one meet set provincial standards for effectiveness and safety. 


For more information about the programs who are undergoing this review process, please consult the section below. If you know of a physical activity program for older adults in your community that want to be recognized as an exercise-based fall prevention program, we encourage you to send us more information about that program by clicking on the following link. 

Grouille ou Rouille


Do you, or do you know someone who could benefit from being more physically active while reducing their risk of falling?  Our classes are exercise specialist led, offering a safe and fun way to get more active. For more information on this program, please click the link below. 

ZOOMERS on the Go


Want to be more physically active and reduce your risk of falling? Join a Zoomers class today! Click here to find out how!

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