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Becoming a Leader

Certified volunteer leaders are the heart and soul of Zoomers on the Go. Without volunteers, the program would not be where it is today. They help participants take steps towards reducing their risk of falling. By volunteering their time, they keep the classes free of charge for everyone. This ensures the program will be available in our province for many years to come.

To find more information on how to become a Zoomers on the Go Leader, please visit our Fitness New Brunswick website by clicking on the following link.

Register to Become a Leader

Fitness New Brunswick delivers the Zoomers on the Go training. It is a mixture of both theory and practical education. The training ensures you are prepared and comfortable to lead a successful Zoomers on the Go program in your area! 

Ready to become a leader? Click below and complete the registration form. Then, contact us to find out about the upcoming dates and locations of training for leaders. 

Phone Number: (506) 458-7034


Register for Our Newsletter

The Zoomers on the Go Newsletter is a resource that will inform people on our upcoming events, important dates, and highlights our fantastic group. 

Resources to Share with Participants

Here you will find several resources regarding aging and fall prevention. This information should be shared and discussed with participants each week.  

Handout Materials
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