Safe Winter Walking Toolkit

Winter can be a challenging season for regular outdoor activities. Just one bad fall can bring lasting long-term consequences. However, taking a few simple precautions can make outdoor activities safer for yourself and others, regardless of the age.


If you are interested in helping to raise awareness about safe winter walking by making learning more fun and engaging for everyone involved, we encourage you to consider hosting Intergenerational Learning Opportunities. In addition, if you decide to lead "co-learning" activities which involves people from different generations, you can contribute to building communities where people respect each other better.

Looking for a few good ideas to help you get you started? We recommend that you consult useful resources such as Connecting Generations: A Toolkit for Planning Intergenerational Events in addition to using the different resources that are described in the sections below. Remember, we all have a role to play in helping to prevent falls. 

Safe Winter Walking

If you are looking for useful tips to help you and others stay safe while walking during our winter months, we encourage you to consult our Safe Winter Walking brochures.


The first brochure provides information aimed at older adults such as considering the use of a walking aid and supporting yourself adequately when climbing stairs or exiting vehicles. The other offers similar safety information, but for younger adults and youth. Both are great resources that can be used for yourself or given to your family, friend or others in your community.

For a copy of one of the brochures, please click on its image.

Safe Winter Walking - OA - English.png
Safe Winter Walking - Family - English.p

Walk Like a Penguin

Putting up a poster is a good way to promote an idea in a public space for everyone to reflect upon. If you wish to help raise awareness about safe winter walking, we recommend that you use one of our Walk Like a Penguin posters.


The first poster has a simple design while the other provides the same tips for safe walking on icy surfaces, but in a cartoon art style that would be great for areas where younger family members or friends get together, such as arenas, playgrounds and libraries. 

For a copy of one of the posters, please click on its image.

Walk Like a Penguin - Adult Poster - Eng
Walk Like a Penguin - English.png

Bookmarks and Stickers

Looking for fun resources to highlight the simple steps needed to Walk Like a Penguin when having to face icy surfaces? We encourage you to consult our bookmarks and stickers.


These resources can used as a great reminder or a good conversation starting tool for teachers, parents, caregivers or others in the community who want to reach out to children, youth and those who are young at heart.

For a copy of the bookmark or one of the stickers, please click on its image.

Walk Like a Penguin - Bookmark - English

Coloring Pages

We understand that talking about safety with younger children isn't always easy. To support you in your efforts, please consult our winter safety coloring pages. 


The first one in the series focuses on the importance of wearing warm and brightly colored clothes when it's cold outside. Feel free to come back to this site regularly to see which additional fun coloring page will come out next.

For a copy of the coloring page, please click on its image.  

Wear Warm Clothes - Coloring Page - Engl



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