The Collaborative Team Approach

All adults 65 years and older should be screened at least once a year to help identify and manage their fall risk factors. While family physicians and nurse practitioners play an essential role in ensuring that screenings, assessments and interventions occurs based on best available evidence for clinical practice, it's important to remember that a collaborative team approach can facilitate the delivery of comprehensive individualized care - especially for older patients with complex needs.

This team approach involves a process in which different types of healthcare professionals and other stakeholders with complementary backgrounds work together to share their expertise, knowledge, and skills toward a common goal along with the engaged patient. Activities that may benefit from greater collaboration can include the development of necessary resources, gathering and sharing of relevant information, reviewing the patient’s personal goals, discussing care options, evaluating interventions and adjusting the individualized care plan.

For more information about available services that can help with the integration of a collaborative team approach to support your clinical practice, consult the sections below.

The Scope of the Issue

Most stakeholders understand that enhanced fall prevention efforts continue to be needed especially when faced with increased healthcare demands due to an aging population. To help address this increasing demand, NB Trauma is committed to provide provincial expertise and leadership in injury prevention.


This is ensured through a collaborative process for the development and promotion of fall prevention resources in both official languages in addition to completing comprehensive analyses of fall-related data to better understand the scope of this issue. For example, a data chart that quantifies the estimated increase in provincial hospitalization numbers due to fall-related injuries in older adults over the next two decades was created in 2020. 

For a copy, click on the image of the Fall-related Injury Hospitalization Estimate chart.

Medication Review Services


Older adults covered under the NB Prescription Drug Program who take three or more prescriptions for chronic conditions are eligible to have a publicly-funded, annual medication review with their pharmacist as part of the NB PharmaCheck program.

Please consult the NB PharmaCheck Guidance Document and/or click on the provided link for more information.

Electronic Specialist Consult

To help address the issue of excessive wait times, many technological solutions have been
proposed and implemented over the past years. 
eConsult is such a program which assists with electronic communication between a family physician and a specialist.


An eConsult occurs when a family physician sends a patient specific, non-urgent request for advice to a specialist on a secure web-based platform (eHealthNB). They can obtain support for the assessment and management of fall risks in older patients from available specialties such as Geriatric Medicine, Neurology and Chronic Pain Management.

For more information, please click on the eConsult Brochure image.

New Brunswick Extra-Mural Program (EMP)


As you may already know, EMP provides comprehensive and coordinated care throughout the province. This is ensured by an interdisciplinary team which includes professionals from a variety of health care fields such as registered nurses, registered dietitians, physiotherapists and social workers.


Services EMP provides include helping patients get back home early from hospitalization by providing short-term care at home and assisting people suffering from chronic health problems with professional chronic care services to allow them to stay at home and avoid admission to a health care due to a possible fall-related injury.

For more information about New Brunswick Extra-Mural Program services or to request a referral, please click on the provided link.



  • Fall-related Injury Hospitalization Estimate Chart
    • Developed by NB Trauma

  • NB PharmaCheck Program 
    • Developed by NB Department of Health

  • NB PharmaCheck Guidance Document​

    • Developed by NB Department of Health


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Toll-Free Seniors Information Line 


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If you or someone you know requires non-urgent health advice or information, call Tele-Care. A registered nurse will assess your needs and provide information, education and/or advice as required. For access to this confidential and bilingual toll-free telephone service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week please dial:


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