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Zoomers on the Go

About Us

The Zoomers on the Go program began in 2009. It was created to reduce the risk of falling for older adults in the Greater Saint John area. The program was organized with the support of two nurses and an occupational therapist from St Joseph's Community Health Centre. You will learn basic resistance training, balance, and flexibility techniques while becoming more physically active.
Starting in 2017, we received research funding that allowed this effective peer-led program to expand its in-person classes to other communities across New Brunswick. English and French classes are now offered both in-person and online.

The UNB Cellab is responsible for managing the Zoomers on the Go program  across the province. You can contact us with any requests related to our program.

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Where are we currently?

Here is a recent map showing most of the locations that we either have leaders, participants or both. BE A PART OF THE GROWTH by either joining others in your area or being the first one to be involved with the program.  

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Join Us as a Participant or a Leader!

Want to be more physically active and reduce your risk of falling? Join for fun and interactive classes delivered by certified Zoomers on the Go Leaders. You will learn basic resistance training, balance, and flexibility techniques. 
Please click on the following link for more information.

Certified volunteer leaders are the heart and soul of Zoomers on the Go. Without them, Zoomers would not be where it is today.
Fitness New Brunswick delivers the Zoomers on the Go training. It is a mixture of both theory and practical education. The training ensures you are prepared and comfortable to lead a successful Zoomers on the Go program in your area! 
For more information about how to become a certified leader, please click on the following link.

Bringing Zoomers to Your Community

Zoomers on the Go is delivered in many communities across New Brunswick. Don’t see a class in your community? Do you wish there was one near you? We can help!
For more information on how to bring Zoomers to your community, click on the following link.


For updated information on current events and information on the Zoomers on the Go program, click the link below to visit our Facebook page.

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