Becoming a Participant

Congratulations on taking steps to improve your mobility and maintain your independence. Becoming a participant requires just a few simple steps, which can be found below. 

Is this program for me?

Zoomers on the Go is an exercise-based fall prevention program delivered twice a week for 12-week. This program is for those who may have concerns about falling, difficulty walking or balancing without support.
Each class is peer-led by a certified volunteer leader over the age of 50 years. Peer-leaders help participants feel as though leaders understand what may be happening in their daily lives.

Are you a fairly active individual?

Are you comfortable balancing without support?

Are you already taking part in a supervised exercise program?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above,

this program may not be best suited for you.

Quotes from Participants

"We have a fantastic instructor she puts so much energy in what she does."

"I hope this continues, its just great."

"My first experience in this type of program is exactly what I wanted. Exercise in the comfort of my home!!!"  

"Good exercise, laughs and 

meeting new friends."

How to become a participant

If you think this program might be right for you, please complete the brief screening tool below. The screening form may suggest that you see your primary care provider before becoming more physically active.


Answering "YES" to questions in this screening tool does not mean that you cannot participate. It simply means that your health care provider may need to assess you to ensure that it is safe for you to join before you participate. Please complete the following reference document for advice on what to do if you obtained a "YES" response to the previous questionnaire. 

Finding a Class Location Near You

We have many classes occurring across the province of New Brunswick. Class schedules vary in dates and times, depending on the instructor teaching in your area. 


To find a class location near you, please click on the following link.

Online Classes

Our Zoomers on the Go program is offered in-person and online. Our online option is for those living in an area without a Zoomers on the Go leader. It is also for those who prefer exercising from the comfort of their home.

To take part in the Zoomers on the Go online program, you will need:

  1. Internet connection 

  2. Device (tablet/computer)

Those who sign-up for the online class will receive all the necessary equipment for the course (ball/band) through the mail.


Contact us today to learn more about our online Zoomers on the Go classes and how you can get started.


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