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Participant Information

Congratulations on taking steps to improve your mobility and maintain your independence. Becoming a participant requires just a few simple steps, which can be found below. 

Is this Program for Me?

Zoomers on the Go is an exercise-based fall prevention program delivered a couple times a week for 12 weeks. This program is for those who may have concerns about falling, difficulty walking or balancing without support. You will learn basic resistance training, balance, and flexibility techniques while becoming more physically active. 
Each class is peer-led by a certified volunteer leader over the age of 50 years. Peer-leaders may relate to participants and help them feel welcomed.

This program is targeting people who are:

  • Currently inactive

  • Uncomfortable balancing without support

  • Not taking part in a supervised exercise program

Quotes from Participants

"We have a fantastic instructor she puts so much energy in what she does."

"I hope this continues, its just great."

"My first experience in this type of program is exactly what I wanted. Exercise in the comfort of my home!!!"  

"Good exercise, laughs and 

meeting new friends."

Getting Started 

Our Zoomers on the Go program is offered in-person and online. 

Our in-person classes are offered in areas where we have a leader to run the program and a location to hold it. Refer to the section below to see where the classes are currently available. 

Our online option is for those living in an area without a Zoomers on the Go leader or a location to hold it. It is also for those who prefer exercising from the comfort of their home.

To take part in the Zoomers on the Go online program, you will need:
         1.    Internet connection 
         2.    Device (tablet/computer)

To see if classes are offered in your area and to register as a new
 participant, please click on the provided link. For more information on our program, please refer to our pamphlet.

If you still have questions, you can also contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (1 506-458-7034) to learn more about our Zoomers on the Go classes. 

Finding a Class Location Near You

We have many classes occurring across the province of New Brunswick. Class schedules vary in dates and times, depending on the instructor teaching in your area. 
To find a class location near you, please click on the following link.

Next Steps

Having Zoomer participants continue to come back for further sessions is important to allow this fantastic program to continue. When you have finished your session, feel free to reach out and let us know that you are still interested in participating in our program.

If you’ve been inspired as a participant, you could take a step further and become a leader for your own class. This is a neat way to make an active contribution to your community, while continuing to receive the benefits of the Zoomers on the Go program. 

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