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Individualized Fall Prevention Interventions - FOLLOW UP

Key Recommendations

  • Review the individualized care plan with the older patient to identify any concerns with regards to its implementation.

  • Discuss ways to improve the patient's receptiveness to their care plan and address any barriers to its adherence.

  • Education of older patients and caregivers continue to be important for implementation and sustained use of fall prevention strategies.

  • Prochaska and DiClemente's Stages of Change Model can be used to facilitate conversations with older patients and assist with their acceptance of fall prevention strategies such as exercising regularly and making home safety modifications.

  • We encourage you to refer your older patients to this website for access to electronic copies of our fall prevention resources which are available in both official languages.

Individualized Interventions 


  • Completed within 30 to 90 days following the patient's last visit

  • Review the care plan

  • Assess and encourage fall risk reduction behaviors

  • Discuss ways to improve patient receptiveness to the care plan 

  • Address any barriers to adherence to the care plan

  • Reassess yearly or if the patient presents with any significant change in health status


Transition towards a community 

exercise-based fall prevention program when the patient is ready, willing and able to participate

Physical Activity


  • Participation in a physical activity program which focuses on improving mobility, balance and coordination may be of greater benefit for certain older patients at higher risk of falls. Some exercise-based fall prevention programs also include the delivery of fall prevention information and handouts to participants during each session.

  • Consider a transition towards a community exercise-based fall prevention program when the older patient is ready, willing and able to participate.

  • For more information about available exercise-based fall prevention programs within New Brunswick, please click on the following link.

Next Step:

Reassess the patient yearly or if they present with any significant change in health status.

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